With the solutions of xxter, you can always rely on the latest technologies regarding information security and privacy. This allows you to enjoy the extensive possibilities of home and office automation with peace of mind. All communication of the services and products of xxter use reliable, end-to-end encrypted connections and are restricted by passwords that only you know.

xxter Connect Service

To allow safe access from the outside, xxter offers the Connect Service. This allows you to use your home automation and even your internal camera systems when you are not at home, without the need for these systems to be directly accessible over the Internet. There is no port forwarding or other external access required. This means hackers will not be able to gain access, while you can safely use all your automation possibilities even when you are on the way. You can specify which internal systems you want to be accessible.

It is also possible to allow access to the internal web configuration of the xxter device, through the Connect Service. This allows the installer, if you want, to perform maintenance without the need for them to come by. In a later stage we will also add the possibility to allow external programming, allowing even the maintenance to your KNX installation through this secure connection.

The xxter Connect Service is a paid service, which you can purchase using the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It is also possible to buy off this service for a long period of time. The Connect Service is very easy to set up and allows access to two separate xxter devices from all mobile devices you might have.

In case you do not want to use the Connect Service, it is still possible to securely connect to your xxter device. The secured application port that is used for the connection also relies on security certificates, is end-to-end encrypted and requires (additional) personal passwords.

Extra security features

With xxter you can also add local users and exactly configure which rights the user has: what components are allowed to control and which settings can be accessed or changed. This feature is ideal for larger households, office situations or when you want to provide restricted access for guests to your home or office automation..

In case you are using voice control, you can explicitly decide which services you want to allow access to your home and under which circumstances. This allows you to configure whether and when Google and/or Amazon may receive information about your home. When you are using Apple HomeKit, Apple guarantees they will never have access to your home data or your installation.

xxter continuously works on improvements and innovations for our products and services and regularly makes these available through free to install updates to all users. This ensures you are not only sure of a safe and reliable home and office automation today, but for the future as well.

For all these security features for your home or office installation you do not require any, often costly, additional equipment. All features are built-in by default.

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