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At xxter we go for maximum ease of use with professional solutions. We believe that home and building automation is only successful when it really provides comfort to the user. Comfort to control, check and automate everything from one place. But of course, also comfort by ease of use, reliability, security, sustainability and affordability. That is also why we have chosen to make our products compatible with KNX. KNX is the most reliable standard for electrical installations, allowing us to offer the best quality and continuity. xxter has set the standard in reliable smart home products since 2006. Our products are continuously updated, making sure you always receive the latest technology.

Controller with app

Automate and control everything with one app

Bridge for voice control

Control everything in the house with your voice

Smart Energy Manager

Optimize your energy consumption and save up to 30% on your energy bills with xxter's Smart Energy Manager.

xxter also provides business solutions:

Smart Hotel

Improve the experience and comfort of every hotel room


Make the luxury of home automation available for your guests

Touch panels

Control your xxter from a touch panel

Energy monitoring

Visualize your energy consumption according to the BREEAM standards

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Privacy and security

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