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What is xxter?
xxter is the new way to control your entire house with one mobile app. With xxter you can easily change your lights, open your door without getting out of your chair or check up on your house during the holidays. Swift, safe and simple.

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Why xxter?
Applying domotics has never been so simple. Because of the strong combination of hard- and software, xxter can do exactly what you want, the way you want it. Set up your scenarios and change the kitchen into a cozy dining room in one gesture.

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xxter for you?
Do you want to enjoy the limitless possibilities xxter can offer and do you use an iPad, iPhone or Android device? Than xxter is there for you! Contact us directly for more information!

How does it work?
xxter uses advanced hardware technology that is connected to the electrical installation in your home. When this unit is configured you can control all your devices and home appliances with the free xxter app. With the use of smart scenarios you can swiftly and easily change the atmosphere of every room the way you like it. Because of xxter’s multiplicity you can even control your audio installation from the same app. xxter also supports various security solutions for your home. Want to see who is at your door when the door bell rings, where ever you are? For xxter it’s not a problem. Use xxter during your vacation to simulate as if you were at home and directly check up on your house with cameras. Verify your house’s energy consumption and see where you can safe expenses. Because of the regular updates you are always ensured the latest functionality.

xxter, your home in your hand!

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